Code plugs are updated for each CPS / Firmware release. The updated codeplug provides for any new features added along with adding the most recent contact list at the time of posting of the updated codeplug.

CPS Version Codeplug Date
1.09 Nevada/Californa 12/3/18
1.10 Nevada/California 1/17/19
1.11 Nevada/California 3/30/19
1.12 Nevada/California 5/1/19
1.13 Nevada/California 6/15/19
1.14 Nevada/California 9/2/19
1.15 Nevada/California 10/20/19



Code Plug Layout Updated 2/1719
Programmable Key Layout Updated 2/17/19
How to update the contact list using AmateurRadio.Digital File Updated 3/31/19
How to load a codeplug  
How to build a codeplug (Code Plug 101) Updated 10/20/19

Helper Programs

JSON to CSV Converter - For use with the Contact list JSON File Included in Firmware Downloads